Prediction For Upcoming Season For The LA Rams

Expect A Better LA Rams In 2017 Season 

The 2016 regular season for LA Rams was disappointing, and the team is looking for a recovery in 2017 season. Though there are 8 months for the first match in the season, analysis, calculations, and predictions are done by the fans and experts considering the 2016 season is over. Most of the predictions and I personally see a better season for Rams in 2017 with respect to the recent years of performance draught. See what makes me think that 2017 season a better one comparing to the previous season.
Disappointing 2016 Season
The 2016 season was disappointing with a 4-12 record. The team stood at 14th in the NFC team standings and did not qualify for the playoff. We should take an account that the team was not making an impressive performance for the past decade. It appeared in the playoff last time in 2004. The 1999 Super Bowl champions were not expected to have such a long period of non-performance. Just look at the performance of last year, for example, the team lost the first match against 49ers, then three consecutive wins which include a win against Seahawks, who qualified as 3rd in NFC. After that, the team did a very disappointing performance and went out of the playoff. Also, before the end of the season, we saw the firing of the coach Jeff Fisher due to lack of performance.
These Factors may Change the Fate 
Since the inception of the coach Sean McVay, things are expected to improve considering his coaching career. Though this is his first assignment as a head coach, his offensive coordinator career with Redkins showed his brilliance. It was awe-inspiring the way he changed the destiny of the team’s offensive starting from 25th rank in total offense in 2014 to 10th rank in 2015. I think that at 31, he can add a lot of energy to the team as the youngest coach in modern NFL.
Also, the defensive coordinator Wade Phillips can also make an impact on the defense of the team. If the Quarterback Jared Goff, Defensive Linemen Aaron Donald, and Running Back Todd Gurley make justice to their talents, Rams can dream for their first playoff after 2004.
What Analysts Say?
Dan Graziano of ESPN confirms that the team will win at least 10 games and that can make the team qualify for the playoff. We saw last year that Detroit Lions got a wild card entry into the playoff with nine wins in 2016 season. But ESPN 2017 Power Rankings included the team in bottom 5 with the rank number 28, which I think an analysis in a pessimistic approach and a too early one.
Most of the analysts agree that since the Rams won’t have a first-round pick from the draft, it may struggle to get the right people onboard. Also, this year the team might look to strengthen the offensive line considering the last year’s disappointing performance of the offense.
It is too early to make a prediction about the performance considering even pre-season not scheduled. However, the team has a high chance of making an improvement from the last year’s performance. Things would get more clarity when the preseason games start. So, we can wait until then to see what McVay and team bring for us.

LA Rams Top Draft Needs In 2017

The Los Angeles Ram did not have the best season. They have a lot of work cut out for them during the offseason. The coaching staff has a lot to do to make this team strong for the 2017 season. There are some needs that the Rams have to make their team strong for the next season. With the upcoming draft the team really needs to watch their picks.

Offensive Line

The offensive line had trouble blocking the previous year. Rodger Saffold was pretty good in his position but the rest of the team needs some help. Greg Robinson did not have a good season and neither did Rob Havenstein. Jared Goff is young but he is going to be in the position of quarterback so there are high hopes for him. The team does need some new players upfront to run the ball and score some touchdowns.

Wide Receivers

This is where the Rams need a lot of help. There are some contracts that are about to expire including the contracts of Kenny Britt and Brian Quick. While Tavon Austin is still on the team he has not done a whole lot to help them out. The team needs to find ways to improve so they can score some points. They are paying big bucks for Austin and need to find ways to get him to play up to his potential.

Defensive Backs

This is another area where the need needs to step up their game. They have let their opponents score on them and this has been a real problem. Trumaine Johnson is a free agent and he may or may not go to another team. J. McDonald’s contract is also going to be up so he may move on as well. These men are not bad and they more than likely are looking to make some more money. If the team is able to keep both of these players they need some extra help to stop other teams from scoring on them.

Defensive Ends

Robert Quinn has some serious health issues in which he needed to get surgery for. It has yet to be determined how this will affect his performance. Quinton Coples did not have the best season but there is potential. This is one area that the Rams may want to improve and see if they can get some new players.

Defensive Tackle

Michael Brockers is another player with a contract that is about to be up. The Rams may not be able to afford to keep him on their team. If he does leave they need to find another player to fill this position. There are some free agents out there that may work out. If not there is always the draft to pick up some new players for this position.

These are just some of the needs that the Rams have with the upcoming draft. If the Rams can make these changes and gain some new talent than they can have a great team for the 2017 NFL season.

The Rams are Back in LA, Will They Make the Super Bowl?


It’s been 21 long years, but my Rams finally made their way back home to Los Angeles!  While they’ll technically be playing in Inglewood, it’s a heck of a lot closer than St. Louis.

I saw that the Chargers have the option to lease and “share” the new stadium for a year once it opens in 2019, but I’m hoping they either move out of town or do something that doesn’t involve sharing stadiums.  Both the Bolts and Raiders can move on for all I care!

It’s been a few years of ups and downs for the Rams record-wise, but I’m optimistic that the move will invigorate the franchise.  I pulled their odds to win the Super Bowl next season from, who list them at 50-to-1.  That’s not a great outlook by any means, but it’s similar to teams like the Dolphins and Redskins, and I’ll take that at this point.

Now, the big news is Jared Goff coming in at QB.  It’s hard to tell what to think of him.  He looked good at Cal, but I am a little concerned about his trouble with fumbling the ball.  Either way I’m sure it’s going to take him a season or two to feel comfortable making the transition to the pro game.

The good news is that the Rams have a great running game and defense to pick him up, so as long as he doesn’t try to do too much – and they don’t try to put too much on him right away, he’ll have room to develop.  That defense looked downright filthy last year, especially against the rush and when it came to getting to the opposing quarterbacks.

I’ll be looking forward to many many years of enjoying the Rams back in LA.  It’s been far too long since Los Angeles has had their own NFL team (I don’t count the Raiders brief stint).  I think they’ve done well in the latest draft and will end up in the playoffs this year.  Am I being too optimistic?  No way!  I have a feeling the excitement of coming to LA for most of these guys will be enough to feed them to at least 9 wins in a relatively weak division!

The Seattle Seahawks have been on top for way too long.  They have had to start paying their guys and when you do that, important pieces fall to the way side.

Arizona was nice last year but both Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer are getting old.  I see them as being past their peak and the downfall will come quicker than you think.


Rams Select Jared Goff


Do we have a face for the new franchise in LA?  I sure hope so.  There were rumors about trying to lull Peyton Manning out of retirement for a year or two in order to have him build up some momentum for the new team, but instead we traded up in the draft to select Jared Goff out of Cal.

I can’t say I was too surprised we went with Goff.  Both general manager Les Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher stayed quiet, but it was too hard to pass up on this home grown talent.

Goff was kind of a late bloomer when it comes to his draft prospects.  It’s not like Cal lit the world on fire in any of the years he was under center.  He didn’t make a run at a Heisman trophy or put up massive numbers.  He doesn’t have too much athletic ability to pass up on either.  His arm isn’t a cannon, but he is very accurate on short to mid-level throws.

What he does have was the ability to make difficult throws.  Especially when he was under pressure.  Cal never did put a solid offensive line in front of him and yet he still had a pocket presence that NFL team’s crave.  He could buy time for his receivers to get open by sliding around.  Plus, he went through his reads quickly and showed that he could process information fast before releasing to the correct target.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Goff start the Rams first game back in Los Angeles.  Fisher’s future with the team will be tied to his success, and he has to develop Goff quickly if he wants to have any chance of keeping his job.

The good news is that the Rams success isn’t going to depend solely on him.  This organization has done a great job of building through the draft. Todd Gurley was an animal in his rookie season.  The offensive line is young but full of decent draft picks.

The defense is the strength.  The Rams might possess the best front four in the game which will help keep scores low and LA in it until the end.  The secondary lost a few big names but the team reloaded as best they could through the draft.

The Rams gave up a lot to get their man.  If he pans out, none of that will matter.  If he doesn’t, it will put the team in a significant hole going forward when they want to restart the building process.