Prediction For Upcoming Season For The LA Rams

Expect A Better LA Rams In 2017 SeasonĀ 

The 2016 regular season for LA Rams was disappointing, and the team is looking for a recovery in 2017 season. Though there are 8 months for the first match in the season, analysis, calculations, and predictions are done by the fans and experts considering the 2016 season is over. Most of the predictions and I personally see a better season for Rams in 2017 with respect to the recent years of performance draught. See what makes me think that 2017 season a better one comparing to the previous season.
Disappointing 2016 Season
The 2016 season was disappointing with a 4-12 record. The team stood at 14th in the NFC team standings and did not qualify for the playoff. We should take an account that the team was not making an impressive performance for the past decade. It appeared in the playoff last time in 2004. The 1999 Super Bowl champions were not expected to have such a long period of non-performance. Just look at the performance of last year, for example, the team lost the first match against 49ers, then three consecutive wins which include a win against Seahawks, who qualified as 3rd in NFC. After that, the team did a very disappointing performance and went out of the playoff. Also, before the end of the season, we saw the firing of the coach Jeff Fisher due to lack of performance.
These Factors may Change the FateĀ 
Since the inception of the coach Sean McVay, things are expected to improve considering his coaching career. Though this is his first assignment as a head coach, his offensive coordinator career with Redkins showed his brilliance. It was awe-inspiring the way he changed the destiny of the team’s offensive starting from 25th rank in total offense in 2014 to 10th rank in 2015. I think that at 31, he can add a lot of energy to the team as the youngest coach in modern NFL.
Also, the defensive coordinator Wade Phillips can also make an impact on the defense of the team. If the Quarterback Jared Goff, Defensive Linemen Aaron Donald, and Running Back Todd Gurley make justice to their talents, Rams can dream for their first playoff after 2004.
What Analysts Say?
Dan Graziano of ESPN confirms that the team will win at least 10 games and that can make the team qualify for the playoff. We saw last year that Detroit Lions got a wild card entry into the playoff with nine wins in 2016 season. But ESPN 2017 Power Rankings included the team in bottom 5 with the rank number 28, which I think an analysis in a pessimistic approach and a too early one.
Most of the analysts agree that since the Rams won’t have a first-round pick from the draft, it may struggle to get the right people onboard. Also, this year the team might look to strengthen the offensive line considering the last year’s disappointing performance of the offense.
It is too early to make a prediction about the performance considering even pre-season not scheduled. However, the team has a high chance of making an improvement from the last year’s performance. Things would get more clarity when the preseason games start. So, we can wait until then to see what McVay and team bring for us.