Rams Select Jared Goff


Do we have a face for the new franchise in LA?  I sure hope so.  There were rumors about trying to lull Peyton Manning out of retirement for a year or two in order to have him build up some momentum for the new team, but instead we traded up in the draft to select Jared Goff out of Cal.

I can’t say I was too surprised we went with Goff.  Both general manager Les Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher stayed quiet, but it was too hard to pass up on this home grown talent.

Goff was kind of a late bloomer when it comes to his draft prospects.  It’s not like Cal lit the world on fire in any of the years he was under center.  He didn’t make a run at a Heisman trophy or put up massive numbers.  He doesn’t have too much athletic ability to pass up on either.  His arm isn’t a cannon, but he is very accurate on short to mid-level throws.

What he does have was the ability to make difficult throws.  Especially when he was under pressure.  Cal never did put a solid offensive line in front of him and yet he still had a pocket presence that NFL team’s crave.  He could buy time for his receivers to get open by sliding around.  Plus, he went through his reads quickly and showed that he could process information fast before releasing to the correct target.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Goff start the Rams first game back in Los Angeles.  Fisher’s future with the team will be tied to his success, and he has to develop Goff quickly if he wants to have any chance of keeping his job.

The good news is that the Rams success isn’t going to depend solely on him.  This organization has done a great job of building through the draft. Todd Gurley was an animal in his rookie season.  The offensive line is young but full of decent draft picks.

The defense is the strength.  The Rams might possess the best front four in the game which will help keep scores low and LA in it until the end.  The secondary lost a few big names but the team reloaded as best they could through the draft.

The Rams gave up a lot to get their man.  If he pans out, none of that will matter.  If he doesn’t, it will put the team in a significant hole going forward when they want to restart the building process.